Systemic waste disposal

Management and control system for collecting bins

Our company markets a number of products that control, supervise and streamline the process of emptying municipal waste.

Our company provides the support, training and customer services needed to achieve maximum efficiency.  The benefits include: cost reduction, reduced environmental pollution and fewer traffic jams caused as a result of the movement of evacuation trucks.

The company's products marketed in Israel:

  • Evacuation management and operation system
  • System of evacuation routes and vehicle fleets
  • Mobile systems for driver use
  • Garbage cans management systems in RFID technology
  • Tracking and control of garbage cans using GPSID technology
  • Monitoring and control of weighing garbage cans
  • Operational and business reports

Modular work:

The solutions provided are modular.

You can start with a basic system and upgrade the products as you require.

All the truck data collected is transferred automatically and in real time to the management system.

  • GPSID system
  • Real-time county counting
  • Information on the type of detention tool
  • Documentation of location and time of hoisting RFID system
  • Install RFID tags on all retaining tools
  • Installing an antenna and additional hardware on each evacuation truck
  • Providing an identity card for each retention tool that includes all the data that will be required
  • Real picture about the amount of retrieval tools and their location and evacuation times
  • Weighing system
  • Installation of dedicated mechanical components on each truck
  • Installing dedicated hardware on each truck
  • Each retaining tool that is lifted will be weighed individually
  • The system will identify any type of retaining tool that will be weighted.
  • Maximum accuracy and calibration only once every few years.